What is the National Notary Listings?

A platform that curated niche professionals seeking to be hired by clients searching for specific services.

Does it costs money to search for a professional?

No, it is 100% Free to use our locator. But we do accept donations to keep the lights on.

Does it make sense to be listed in more than one directory?

Yes, as an entrepreneur you want to ensure that you have online presence. Yet, keep in mind that some of these listing tools and online directories are charging a fee. Do you know if the paid listings services are paying for marketing? Some companies are only relying on Instagram or Tik Tok to “Market” while your monthly fee isn’t going towards people seeking your skills. We are 100% Free but do accept Donations.

Do National Notary Listings charge a listing Fee?

No, it is 100% Free to have a listing. But we do accept donations to keep the lights on.

Do National Notary Listings get a percentage if a service is connected via the website?

No, fees or money is expected for users of this website. It is 100% Free but we kindly accept donations.

Can I cancel if I no longer want to be listed?

Yes, cancel anytime by emailing support@nationalnotarylistings.com

How do I use the Locator to contact a professional?

To find a professional, you can enter relevant search criteria such as your location or specific expertise needed. The directory will then display a list of matching professionals along with their contact information. You can reach out to the professionals directly to inquire about their availability, fees, or to schedule an appointment.

How can National Notary Listings benefit me?

Our locator greatly benefits individuals and businesses by simplifying the process of finding and getting hired for specific niche professions. Our directory saves time and effort by offering a one-stop platform to search for qualified professionals. The directory provides valuable information about the professional’s skills, pricing, experience, and availability. Lastly, it is 100% Free.

Does National Notary Listings pay for Advertising?

Yes, we use various marketing strategies, but we do pay for Google Ad, Microsoft ads, and Facebook ad to name a few.

Why does National Notary Listing accept donations?

Since we are a 100% Free website, we decided to accept donations to support the free operations. A portion of the donations are used for charity and the annually selected charity is announced the second week of December every year.