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Notaries and Professional must train to stay keen on the policies, laws, regulations, and appointment of their roles.

Invest in you, knowledge is your power. Check out shared events. 

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People need to have information in a centralized place, that showcase their skills and availability without having to pay

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If you are an Aspiring Notary, Notary, Fingerprinting Specialist, Apostille, Wedding Officiant, Loan Signing agent and many others you may want to stay tuned for Paid and Free Training events. It doesn’t matter if you are new or seasoned within your craft staying trained or leaning more to scale your business is the way to go.
It is vital to continue your training to stay dominant in your profession as well as to remain competitive. It is your duty to invest in you that will lead to a more perfected craft.
Please note that the FREE training is made with love and concern for your Success but keep in mind that PAID training will definitely give more insight and GEMS.
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Start the Process by Learning from Others

This section is curated by professionals that often hosts FREE and PAID Training and Mentorship events. Please download the Summary/Overview documents. This is in hope to give high-level insight about some of the various training and mentorships that can be helpful throughout your journey.
General Notary Work

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Loan Signing Agent

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Apostille Agent

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Court Reporters

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Fingerprinting Specialists

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Wedding Officiants

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How it works to get Listed


National Notary Listings is a tool that can help aide forte professionals without breaking the bank. Our platform is a Win-Win strategy. A FREE centralized platform for people seeking professionals and a Free platform for professionals to showcase their services.
Provide the basic information that outlines who you are, what professional skills you would like to list, etc
Our platform is 100% Free but, we reserve the right to ensure each listings is with some level of validity
After your approval letter, you can create your listing, upload a business logo or profile picture
Although our Logo is a major asset towards on brand we entrust our logo with our fellow professionals. We want to inform the masses of our unique platform.
As simple as that, after you have created your listing and posted our logo you don’t stop. Submit to the Blog, we want to hear your thoughts and insights. Submit your professional events to the forum. Offer Free and Paid training you never know where someone may be on their journey. By having a listing, you are searchable. Allow us to help you be a lead and become a lead.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A platform that curated niche professionals seeking to be hired by clients searching for specific services.
Yes, as an entrepreneur you want to ensure that you have online presence. Yet, keep in mind that some of these listing tools and online directories are charging a fee. Do you know if the paid listings services are paying for marketing? Some companies are only relying on Instagram or Tik Tok to “Market” while your monthly fee isn’t going towards people seeking your skills. We are 100% Free but do accept Donations.
No, it is 100% Free to have a listing. But we do accept donations to keep the lights on.
Our locator greatly benefits individuals and businesses by simplifying the process of finding and getting hired for specific niche professions. Our directory saves time and effort by offering a one-stop platform to search for qualified professionals. The directory provides valuable information about the professional’s skills, pricing, experience, and availability. Lastly, it is 100% Free.
Yes, we use various marketing strategies, but we do pay for Google Ad, Microsoft ads, and Facebook ad to name a few.